Photography & Retouche 

Portraits inspired by The Hunger game. (The Movie)


We developed  the complete process of making a photo from an initial idea through casting, shooting and editing the photo.

Credits: Styling: Rebeka Kadlicsek / Make-up: Alena Dick / Hair: Samuel Boss / Production: Real Shoot Experience

Guerrilla / Ambient Avertising 

Digital strategy for Het Scheepvaartmuseum



We got the idea to use a poster in such a way that it resembles the shape of a sail boat. Showing the location of Het Scheepvaartmuseum to tourists who are passing by; walking, by bike or with a tourist bus or driving a car. An effective and simple way to communicate the location of the museum.The goal of the banner–poster is not only to communicate the location of Het Scheepvaartmuseum in the traditional way, it also has the possibility to do this on a more playful and interactive way, scanning the QR-code that we include in the design.



This special layout will not only make sure you have the attention of your potential target group, you will also give them an extra experience; downloading the Scheepvaartmuseum compass while going to the museum.



By scanning and downloading the app, the client will have their own experience to ‘navigate’ to their destination. The brand experience will start before they even arrive at the museum!



Advertising Campaigne

El Porvenir de los Andes, Winery. This campaign was made in 2009 with the concept ” The Marriage of food & wine”. The main goal of this campaign was to motivate customers to learn more about wines and how to make a perfect combination between food and wine. We did this in a very simple way, direct and funny. The campaign was awarded, Gold and Silver at FePi Independent Festival 2009.


The other advertising prints are a clear example of our way of thinking and work. Using a simple image, sometimes with a little bit of sense of humor. 



Visual identity

La Te Andes. Oil Drilling and Gas Extraction company. Based in the heart of the Andes, North of Argentina.

They also have a Thermochronology Center in collaboration with the Heidelberg university, Germany.

We created a personal and highly functional brand. Inspired from the forms and identity of the region (Andes) and the characteristics of the service provided by the company. The brand’s morphology is simple and harmonic. Perception of value is achieved, it transmits the historical essence of the region. This start-up project was launched in July 2015, with an estimated investment over 3 million dollars.


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